Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Freakin' Valentine's Day!

(image from the gloriously cracktastic Holy Church of Daniel Day-Lewis. Milkshakes FTW!)

Happy Valentine's Day or whatever! I'd originally planned on going to the movies tonight, but yesterday I was sick and I was just lazy. The great horror movie extravaganza (The Orphanage, per Starting Over at 24's recommendation) has been postponed until the weekend, and my evening thus far has consisted mostly of writing, eating pizza, and watching Ladyhawke. It's the best Valentine's Day I've had in ages.

I'd planned to talk about writing for a while, but wonder of wonders, I think I'd rather just write instead. And finish my movie, because it's adorable and eighties-a-rific. Really, this entire entry was just an excuse for me to post a There Will Be Blood valentine. In fact, I think I'll end with one as well:


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