Saturday, January 26, 2008

Single Life 101

One of the things I love most about living alone is that I can watch the same movie three times in a row (with a different commentary track each time), and no one will get irritated by it and/or laugh at me. Doubtless the novelty of this will pall at some point, but then all I'll have to do is find someone with similar sensibilities and I'll be all set. I suspect the "living alone" thing will get old a lot sooner than the "watching one movie five million times over" thing, if only because I've been doing the latter for most of my life and if it hasn't gotten old by now, it probably never will.

I'm not crazy about every aspect of living alone, of course. Killing my own spiders is a bit of a drag -- I'm terrified of them and know that someday, one of them is going to survive, and its hatred and burning desire for revenge is going to consume its soul, making it bigger, stronger, meaner, nastier, and one day I'm going to step outside and an angry spider the size of a Great Dane will be waiting there...and I'll never be seen or heard from again.

Um. I also dislike washing my own dishes, but that's just because I used to have a dishwasher and miss it sorely. The spider thing worries me far more.

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